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Tuesday, 28 February 2017


This article shows the sequential screenshots to download & install the plugins in IntelliJ IDE.

Here, I am showing the JMeter plugin installation:

Step 1:  Go to preferences from menu bar as below: or

Press keyboard shortcut (Command + Comma)  ⌘, on Mac

File -> Settings on Windows & Linux

Step 2: Directly shows all the available plugins in the IDE.

Step 3: First search for the JMeter in the available plugins. You see this screen if its not already installed.

Step 4:  Click Browse repositories button, which loads all the repository plugins

Step 5: Now search for the plugin you would like to install, eg: JMeter. Then right click on the plugin & click "Download and install".

Step 6: Prompts the user whether to begin download & installation process

Step 7: If proceeded with Yes, it automatically downloads & install the plugin:

Step 8: After successful installation, IntelliJ asks for a restart: Just like below

 Step 9: Ensure the plugin downloaded & installed successfully by searching for jmeter plugin in the available plugins again.

                                                     HOPE IT IS HELPFUL ......PLEASE SHARE.........

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